Creating a New Productive Work Environment

Creating a New Productive Work Environment

Christina Clark, Managing Principal, Cresa

Data, coupled with smart design, will lead to the most productive work environment and value for expense.

  • GroupA: One Touchpoint For SD-WAN

    William Max, Director of Network Engineering, Jason Gotchall, Director of Business Development and Jake Hastings, Principal

    Google makes digital transformation sound simple. The majority of the searches there state, "It is the integration of digital technologies to improve business processes and customer experiences."

  • Mobile Shopping Is Here to Stay

    Savio Thattil, CIO & SVP of Technology, Sephora Americas

    To my mind, the top retail technology trend is mobile payments, and offering consumers greater optionality in how they pay, particularly with the advent of Apple Pay.

  • Achieving IoT Interoperability

    Scott Johnson, CEO & Founder, Devicify

    As the effects of the Internet of Things (IoT) permeate our lives, companies will be forced to figure out how to effectively control an often huge pool of connected products.

  • Stepping into IT Mainstream with Advancement in Big Data and CDN

    Colin Boyd, VP & CIO, Joy Global Inc

    Ten years ago this would have been impossible, but today the advances made in Big Data and CDN are changing this “impossible dream” into a “realistic possibility.

Networking to Enhance Productivity

Lisa Konie, Senior Director of Legal Operations, Adobe [NASDAQ:ADBE]

Much of my professional life revolves around the triumvirate of people.

Mastering Partnership with a Remote Data Center

Mastering Partnership with a Remote Data Center

Michelle Billingsley, CIO, Blue Care Network of Michigan

When we talk about technology, it tends to be the shiny new gadgets that make headlines. Yet in my...

Navigating the Ecosystem of Application Performance Monitoring

Navigating the Ecosystem of Application Performance Monitoring

Ulrica de Fort-Menares, VP of Product Strategy, LiveAction

Performance is a major factor in business-critical applications. True application performance...

IT Turnaround: Strategic Rebuilding

IT Turnaround: Strategic Rebuilding

Eddie Ho, CIO, Los Alamos National Bank

Information technology is the center-point of all business operations....

Networks Supporting Health Care Pressed Even More

Curt Kwak, CIO, Proliance Surgeons

Increased use of electronic applications in the healthcare industry has transformed many Health IT organizations across the country.