Back to the Networking Future

Back to the Networking Future

Jim Houghton, CTO of the Americas Region for CSC

Is what’s old new again in Enterprise Networking? Jim Houghton, CTO of the Americas Region for CSC, takes the long view in this look at the technology today and what’s ahead in 2017.

  • GroupA: One Touchpoint For SD-WAN

    William Max, Director of Network Engineering, Jason Gotchall, Director of Business Development and Jake Hastings, Principal

    Google makes digital transformation sound simple. The majority of the searches there state, "It is the integration of digital technologies to improve business processes and customer experiences."

  • An Opportunity to Focus on Transparent IT resources and Dollars

    Kim Barrier, VP & CIO, Amy's Kitchen

    Today, a CIO is first and foremost a business leader. Secondly, they should know a lot about technology and how to leverage it to support the business.

  • Break Your Network Before Big Data Does

    Jeff Harris, Senior Director, Ixia

    How many millions of dollars worth of network downtime can your organization afford? How many customers are you willing to lose to your competitors?

  • Understanding and Embracing SDN Capabilities

    Craig Hill, Distinguished Systems Engineer, CISCO Systems

    Not since the advent of cloud computing has a technology area meant so many different things to so many people as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), which is now synonymous in the SDN discussion.

The City of San Francisco Edging Toward the Internet of Things

Miguel A. Gamiño Jr, CIO & Executive Director of the Department of Technology, City & County of San Francisco

As the Innovation Capital of the World, San Francisco is now positioning itself to become the hyper-connected Capital of the World. We are working to realize the vision of Mayor Edwin Lee, and other city leaders to keep San Francisco affordable.

5G: More Than Just Five Bars

5G: More Than Just Five Bars

Imran Akbar, Vice President & General Manager, Wireless Networks, Samsung Electronics

Digital Transformation: The Networking Challenge of Our Time

Digital Transformation: The Networking Challenge of Our Time

Andrew Dugan, SVP- Network Architecture & Engineering, Level 3 Communications

Anywhere we look today, across nearly every industry and continent, we see evidence of a world in...

Leveraging the Data from IoT

Leveraging the Data from IoT

Mike Shemancik, CIO, ABT Power Management

The technical and logistical barriers which made the collection and management of such data cost...

High Performance Computing Grows Up

David Rukshin, CTO, WorldQuant, LLC

In recent years High Performance Computing (HPC) has matured from a niche technology.